familiar faces

“Familiar Faces”  is a series of prints created from 2005 to 2012. As  the title implies, the images are inspired from people. The words  familiar and familial are connected in the work. What is family to some  may also be familiar to others. The viewer may recognize the individuals  portrayed as someone they know, have seen, or even just recognize. Some  famous artists are portrayed in the series as well as family and  friends. The focus explores issues of gender, identity, character,  humor, personality, and ethnic heritage. The face is a poignant element  in the work and capturing gesture and expression portrays its graphic  significance. The artwork allows the viewer to find parallels between  the subject matter and their own experience with others. A comparison  can then be constructed through the identities that are portrayed. The  black and white format  allows me to get to the fundamental root of the  process and the content. It is deliberate, immediate, and revealing.