artist statement
The modern storyteller. The viewer can behold any image; mine must say something as well. My intention is to convey a narrative through visual, audible and perceptual means. Whether it is in my prints, painting, or animation, the observation of human gestures and the recreation of them are ideal. A social consciousness is generated in the creation of candid and genuine work. A post photographic scene is formulated. A snapshot in time that portrays reality or a fabricated one. The disassembling of life is rebuilt back into a situation. My inspiration is people and the situational experiences that create a narrative. My work is subjective and personal at times. The focus explores issues of gender, identity, character, humor, personality, ethnic heritage, and contemporary culture. The figure is a pertinent element and its social and personal essence is filtered down to its graphic significance. My work allows the viewer to find parallels between the subject matter and their own experience. A comparison can then be constructed through the identities that are portrayed. The diversity of mediums can only enhance the voice of my communicative strategy. Media interpretation is then meshed in an exchange with figural imagery. In this exchange art should not only represent life but become it as well. The virility of the work lies in the content and the context upon which it is placed. It embodies specific techniques and creates its own path for artistic expression. It is my goal to utilize my creativity and to exude energy and distinguish my work as an artistic environment distinct from any other medium space. I try to speak in a visual language that allows the viewer to grasp life’s bliss and opportunity. My art becomes more than just a valued precious commodity. Socio-cultural themes exist in my work and are intensified in a perceptive communicative plane. This plane develops as a form of social and personal communication. A communication that does so primarily as a means to be viewed by a broader public scope.
Benjamin Gross - A Retrospective
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